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What a Wild Ride! Ride Horse For ORREC

We're looking for a team with horses to help us create a few…
January 25, 2013/by Christina Hadley

Volunteer Recruiting Has Begun

February 25, 2013/by Christina Hadley

Agricultural Drone Education: It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a… Farm Tool?

August 24, 2014/by Christina Hadley

Senator Merkley Learns About ORREC’s Learning Village

ORREC had a wonderful opportunity to talk with Senator Merkley…
April 7, 2017/by Christina Hadley

Science Education: An Experiment Gone Wrong

May 29, 2017/by Christina Hadley

Drone Assisted Archeology

May 29, 2017/by Christina Hadley

ORREC Pollinator EcoCamp

May 29, 2017/by Christina Hadley

Orphir Camp: Onsite Estuary Education

May 29, 2017/by Christina Hadley

Naturescaping: Bring On The Butterflies

May 29, 2017/by Christina Hadley

Clean Water System Study

At Camp Ophir, we have an opportunity to study water infrastructure…
May 30, 2017/by Christina Hadley

ORREC welcomes Oregon bound ecotourists. So what’s an ecotourist?

To understand what an ecotourist is, it is important to first…
June 6, 2017/by Christina Hadley

ORREC Partners With The Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI)

Here's a quote from ORREC's Executive Director after a trip to…
July 20, 2017/by Christina Hadley

Science-Based Trials to Conquer Gorse

For those who have yet to learn about the bright yellow flowers…
July 23, 2017/by Christina Hadley

Southern Oregon Berry Research Project Activity Guide

Help ORREC research, track and record where wild berries grow…
July 23, 2017/by Christina Hadley

Southern Oregon Mushroom Research Activity Guide (Mycology)

Identifying all of the different species of mushrooms around…
July 23, 2017/by Christina Hadley